The 5-Point Guarantee

  1. We guarantee that you will have our undivided attention. We will listen to you and help you identify skills and talents to match you with the right opportunity.
  2. We guarantee a proven systematic approach toward an educated business decision. Time is valuable, don’t waste it.
  3. We guarantee confidentiality during the entire discovery process. The journey involves a level of trust and understanding. Certain opportunities may require sharing of proprietary information to assess your viability.
  4. We guarantee honest and open feedback. This may be a life changing decision and your success depends on it.
  5. We guarantee you will make the right decision for you and your family. We respect that you have options. You may seek traditional employment, start a business or are ready to retire. It will be your choice.

We guarantee that we will treat your journey in exploring opportunities as if it were our own.

Imac Raffles Group is a professional franchise & recruitment consulting team with experience in business ownership, master licensee, franchisee, franchise sales and franchisee development and support.

We believe being CONGRUENT.

You will receive the best guidance and advise from experienced business owners who have travelled the entrepreneurship journey. You will receive guidance and advise to considering opportunities which are aligned with your personal, family and financial goals, as well your interests, skills, talents and qualifications.

You will want to give serious thought throughout process.

Here are some questions we will ask you to consider.

  • Will the reward of owning and building a successful profitable business outweigh the risks?
  • Would you prefer to hit the ground running?
  • How can you access funds to launch your dream business? And more...

Our goal is to help you learn more franchise ownership, using our Right Business Right Fit® process. You will be presented with opportunities available, aligned with the answers to those questions.

Most importantly, remember to always communicate openly, keep an open mind and ask plenty of questions.

Let's get this conversation started!