Complete the Professional Franchise Recruitment Consultant Training

Even if you have passion for helping others, not everyone is ‘equipped’ to provide sound advise when it comes to the business. The work of a Professional Franchise Recruitment Consultant is serious business and fun at the same time.  We will show you the roadmap to success.  


As a Professional Franchise Recruitment Consultant your role is to CREATE POSSIBILITIES.  You are helping your candidates re-purpose skills and talent which may have evolved during their corporate life. You are there to understand their business ownership goals. 


You'll help your candidates re-align their beliefs about franchise and license businesses. These are simply businesses with proven systems and ROI. Introducing your candidates to franchise and license opportunities will potentially enable them hit the ground running, if that's their goal.


Alternatively, if your candidate is not ready for 100% business ownership, help them explore the L4E positions, when available.


Your goal is to be your candidate go-to source and the trusted confidante for entrepreneur-type opportunities.

Core Learnings:

  1. Make it about the candidate NOT commissions.
  2. Practice a shared belief of high level of professional ethics and integrity among peers.
  3. Commit to doing upfront work to qualify candidates so Franchisors can focus on what they do best.
  4. Learn to listen to the candidate and what's important.
  5. Invest time in researching the opportunities and aligning the candidate’s business ownership goals with that of the ideal franchisee.
  6. Learn the art and science behind nurturing the relationship.
  7. Nurture the relationship and be accountable to earn trust and respect among Candidate, Franchisor and Consultant.

We are raising the bar. Our goal is to be the industry standard for professionalism in the franchise consulting.  We are committed to the longevity  and success of the franchisor – franchise broker/consultant relationship.

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