Right Business Right Fit®

Imac Raffles Group is YOUR trusted go-to source for education & guidance for non-traditional executive recruitment or starting a new business including launching franchises or licenses, aligned with your business ownership goals. Highly specialized in talent recruitment services in the field of entrepreneurship using our Right Business Right Fit® approach, ours is a team of experienced franchisees and licensees on a mission to help you find the right business.

Whether you are seeking the perfect Leadership for Equity (L4E) executive  position  OR  are interested to own a franchise or license business, lets work together.  It helps that we know a thing or two about the journey and transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.

Learn more about your alternatives to traditional employment? Let's get the conversation started.

Join Our Team as a Professional Franchise & Recruitment Consultant

We are determined to maintain the standard for professionalism within the industry.  Our team strives to practice great business ethics and operate on a high level of integrity. 


If you are great at building trust, nurturing relationships and helping others,  this 'career' may be for you.   You will learn how to work alongside executives with entrepreneurial talent. 


You firmly believe that your candidate can be successful at the right business.



Franchise & License Business Ownership

You are ready to be your own boss. Why not explore franchise or license ownership as a viable alternative? Be in business for yourself and not be by yourself. Own a business that's already a proven concept and ROI.


We'll focus on  YOU. We will discuss your business ownership goals using the Right Business Right Fit® approach to identify your dream business. 


Every career transition is your critical milestone. You know the options – retirement, return  to traditional employment or launch  your own business. We guarantee that you will make the right choice for you and your family.



Leadership For Equity (L4E) Positions Available

We specialize in executive recruitment for Leadership For Equity (L4E) senior management positions.  Our clients are either established or emerging companies in different industries seeking high level executive candidates, like yourself, who can help take their business to the next level of growth.


L4E executive roles are full-time salaried position with an investment for equity.


Your resume does not always say everything about you or what you've accomplished.  That's why we'll take time to work with you to help you find the right fit using our Right Business Right Fit® approach. 


Not ready for 100% business ownership? EXPLORE L4E ROLES NOW!