Fear-Busters: Overcoming Fear of Franchise Ownership


Franchise fear-busters knowledge is aimed at identifying the real strengths and challenges in franchising. The goal is to help you achieve your business ownership goals, possibly with a franchise or license type business. If you are turned off with the words ‘franchise’ or ‘franchising’ then think again. A franchise is a business. The main difference…

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Franchising: What’s in the Box?

A Mood Board With Franchise Fear Theme

What’s in THE Box? Before you think outside the box, remember rule number 1 in franchising is: know what’s in the box FIRST. A franchise business is a proven concept which can be replicated. If you are not one who can follow systems or want to be the originator of a business concept, then a franchise may not…

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Will You Bet On You to Succeed?

New Project

Here a question for you: Will you bet on YOU to succeed? We talk to prospects every day. All of whom are interested in exploring business ownership as an alternative. We tend to think that going into business means we’re investing in the business model and the brand. Well, not so fast. HERE’S A LITTLE…

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The Best Advice: 5 Ways to Launch the Entrepreneur in You

Fresh Start Template With an Orange

You can be an entrepreneur. Whether from the place of service you want to make a difference or from an inspiration or out of necessity, you commit follow through with that idea. It is worth mentioning that there is a belief that if you are a franchisee, you are not an entrepreneur. Here’s how Webster dictionary defines…

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A Group of People Discussing Over a Paper

About Business Coaching. Business, career, life or executive coach has become a very commonly used title for those who believe in helping others achieve their goals. Fifteen-plus years ago, you might have had to explain the difference between a coach and a consultant. Today, almost every consultant may call himself/herself a coach. The term coaching…

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