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About Business Coaching. Business, career, life or executive coach has become a very commonly used title for those who believe in helping others achieve their goals. Fifteen-plus years ago, you might have had to explain the difference between a coach and a consultant. Today, almost every consultant may call himself/herself a coach.

The term coaching and consulting are being used synonymously. There are differences still.

  • A coach asks the right questions. A consultant gives you the answers.
  • A coach works with you so you can be accountable to strategize, plan and execute. A consultant analyzes, diagnose your situation and provides you with the solution.
  • A coach listens and help you seek your answers – how badly do you want it? How are you going to commit to your goals? What’s important and why? Etc. A consultant tells you the answers- based on historical data, past successes, successful strategies and more.

Those are some of the differences. Whether you are a consultant or a coach – both services are very much needed. Sometimes you just need to hear the answers from someone else, based on their knowledge and experience. Other times you will need to do some soul searching in order to own the solution.

If you are serious about diving into business coaching, there are several established proven successful systems which you can launch quickly. If you are looking for proof of concept, excellent support and established names, consider looking into business coaching franchises.

Why a franchise, you may ask?

Easy. Great franchise systems in this invisible (versus a brick and mortar concept) service provide the pre-training, training, culture immersion as well as will teach you how to attract and onboard clients. And yes, you do ‘pay’ for all that you get – from exceptional support, coaching, mentoring, brand marketing and continuously learning. 

You will never have to build your business alone, unless of course, that is your preference. You will own a business for yourself, just not be by yourself. There is an abundance of legendary support in areas of marketing sales and personal and professional development for you, the business owner. How would you convince another business owner that he/she needs a coach, when you don’t believe in having one for your business and yourself?

Here are 5 things you can identity in the Best Business Coaching franchises:

  1. RECOGNIZABLE NAME. This Business Coaching industry is very crowded today, as compared to 15 years ago. You want to be part of a team whose brand is still recognizable even after 10-plus years. International brand recognition may play an important part in your decision. It means that the established business coaching teachings and systems work because of successful applications within different cultures and languages.
  2. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. There is attrition in any industry. The question is whether the concept survived the tumultuous growth in the first five, then the next five years after that? Did the players grow their businesses over time? How far has the brand been able to establish itself over the years? 
  3. KAIZEN. Are the business systems and support continuously improving? Does the franchisor(zor) learn from its franchisees(zees)? Does the zor enable its zees to improve the systems, growing from within? A strong organization of coaches thrives when learning, teaching and mentoring occurs on the inside. It also means that it survived the this is “all about me being successful” phase.
  4. TOGETHERNESS = ABUNDANCE. How often do learning and sharing together take place? Regular conferences improve and encourage exchanging ideas, making the system work, sharing new developments and building camaraderie. Regional, national and global conferences enable face-to-face gathering of great minds and ideas. There is no shortage of those wanting to teach and those wanting to learn. More often, than not, they are one and the same.
  5. SUCCESS IS MADE FOR EVERYONE. NOT EVERYONE SUCCEEDS. You are about to invest your hard-earned money into a system – why not INVEST YOUR TIME FIRST! Go through the zors’ qualification all the way to discovery day. The best is always saved for last. The journey to your decision could take anywhere from 10 to 30 hours – depending on how much information you need. Invest your time to learn and ask questions, before you invest your money.

Remember that every zee who has ‘bought’ into a concept has the same access to training, tools, strategies, success game plan and more. Yet, not all will succeed. 

You need to decide where you see yourself in that scale to success. Commit! Put your mind to it and just go with it. Don’t look back. This is it. How determined are you to make it work?

There are proven-results coaching franchises available. You will find one that suits your style, personality, goals, aligned with your values and of course, within your investment range. Talk to an entrepreneurial franchise or license consultant). One who has experience in franchise/license ownership. Your right adviser puts you, your goals and your needs first – to give the best options and advice.

There is congruence in the process when you take this approach.

The best people to advise and guide you about what and which business, are the ones who have put their family, money, blood, sweat and tears into business ownership…

Why not listen?